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It costs only $29 to place a backorder. You don't pay anything unless the domain is caught. If more than one person backorders a domain, and it is caught, there will be a fast 3 day auction between the people who backordered only. The first backorder placed will be the opening bidder with $29 and the winner of the auction will pay the winning amount. Only paypal is accepted. The price includes one year of registration.
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To proceed with the backorder please read and agree to the points below.
  • This backorder cannot be removed so I am sure I wish to go ahead.
  • This backorder is no guarantee that the domain will be caught but I will not be charged anything for uncaught domains.
  • If the domain is caught for me, and nobody else has backordered, I will have 3 days in which to pay $29 or face account suspension/cancellation.
  • If the domain is caught, and others have backordered, there will be a 3 day auction with the earliest backorder being the opening bid of $29. In the event of an auction, in which I am the highest bidder at the auction end, I will settle the winning auction price within 3 days.
  • I understand that I can only pay for any domains using paypal.